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Invisalign San Juan Capistrano Clear Aligner

Get an Awesome Smile with Invisible Aligners

You get one chance to make a great impression, and a fantastic smile makes you a truly memorable person. Having nice straight teeth makes it a lot easier to show off your pearly whites.

Ever feel self-conscious about smiling because you needed braces as a teen, yet never had them? Maybe you’re in a business meeting and you’d like a little more confidence when you talk with clients and peers. With today’s advanced dental technology, you can say goodbye to that crooked smile without having to go through traditional braces and without anyone knowing you’re having orthodontic treatment.

Not only will people notice your brilliant smile, correctly aligned teeth are easier to keep clean and healthy. Being able to properly brush and floss will have an enormous impact on your overall health.

Invisalign is a dental technology which provides a wonderful alternative to traditional train-track metal braces. It works in as little as three months by placing removable aligners over the teeth in order to straighten them, making the smile on your face more attractive and helping to improve your confidence.

If it’s to close a gap in your front teeth, straighten your smile or fix a protruding tooth, you’ll discover why Invisalign braces have patients smiling all across Orange County and why they’ve chosen our Invisalign dentist at Reflection Dental to get the smile they deserve.

Benefits of Having Straighter Teeth

It’s not just about having a great looking smile. About 75% of dental patients could benefit from straighter teeth according to a study from Align Technology. Better tooth alignment means:

  • Less wear and tear on your teeth.
  • Less chance of developing jaw issues.
  • Easier to clean.
  • Less prone to plaque buildup.
  • If you are considering restorative dentistry such as veneers, crowns and bridges, it allows for better placement of teeth.

Invisalign vs. Traditional Metal Braces

Many people are hesitant to get braces because they are:

  • Unsightly.
  • Uncomfortable.
  • Hard to clean.
  • Takes years to complete.
  • Irritate the insides of their mouth.

While a few cases might need traditional orthodontics, the majority of smile makeovers we do use the Invisalign system of clear aligners. If you have mild to moderate misalignment, this is an ideal solution for both young and old.

Many of our patients have loads of questions about Invisalign treatment. We’ve compiled a list here.

Benefits of Invisalign

  • Easy to clean.
  • No irritating wires or brackets.
  • Removable for eating, drinking and cleaning or flossing your teeth.
  • Almost invisible, most people won’t notice you’re wearing aligners.
  • Treatment in as little as three months.
  • Convenient.
  • Great results.

If you think that braces are your only option, think again. Teeth alignment technology has advanced over recent years and allows us to give you the smile of your dreams with less fuss and in less time.

Are you a Candidate for Invisalign?

Most of our patients who ask about correcting their awkward smile are excellent candidates for Invisalign. Some of the conditions we are able to treat:

  • Mild to moderate crowding of teeth.
  • Arch width expansion.
  • Closing of gaps between teeth.
  • Overbite / deep bite.
  • Teeth that stick out (prominent teeth).
  • Anterior cross-bite.

I’m usually pressed for time in the mornings, and I appreciate how Invisalign doesn’t slow me down. I just pop out the aligners, brush my teeth and pop ’em back in.

Client Testimonial

Benefits of Invisalign®


  • Patients throughout California prefer wearing Invisalign® because of how convenient it is as compared with wearing traditional braces.
  • The aligners are clear so no one can tell you are straightening your teeth.
  • They are only worn for 22 hours a day so you can take them out to eat dinner, go on a date, or make an important presentation at work.
  • You can brush and floss your teeth like normal, and no additional tools are required.
  • There is less of a risk that your teeth will become stained as compared with wearing metal braces that can be difficult to clean.
  • The procedure is more comfortable than metal braces since the aligners move teeth into place slowly and only focus on a few teeth at a time.
  • Aligners are easy to take care of, and you only use the same aligner for a couple of weeks.

How do I care for my aligners?

Our dentist recommends that patients remove their aligner and rinse it with warm water on a daily basis. You may also want to brush them with a soft toothbrush.


Some patients need to wear attachments or ridges in order to ensure that their teeth move into place perfectly. An attachment is a clear bump that is made of an enamel colored composite and secured to the teeth. Bumps on your aligners will grip them in order to hold the aligner in place. Ridges work in a similar way only an indent is created instead of a raised bump. This can be necessary for more complicated cases to ensure that a particular tooth, or several teeth, move into place like they should.

Invisalign Go – Straighter Teeth in Less Time!

Invisalign is continuously evolving their orthodontic technology to help bring you that perfect smile. Reflection Dental is one of the first dental clinics in Southern California to receive the latest Invisalign Go system.

It is designed to treat mild cases of misalignment in a short amount of time. We’re really excited to be able to offer this new system to our patients.

How is Invisalign Go Different that Regular Invisalign?

Brought to you from the same company that invented the original Invisalign, Invisalign Go is the newest clear aligner system that can straighten your teeth in less time (as short as 3-6 months compared to 2-3 years) and a lower cost. Invisalign Go uses virtually invisible clear and removable aligners to gently shift your teeth into position and gradually straighten your teeth over time.

When you come in for your consultation, we’ll evaluate your suitability for Invisalign Go as well as give you an idea of how your smile will look once treatment is complete.